2023 Reunion Banquet Gala

2023 Reunion Banquet Gala


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Reunion Banquet Gala

October 14th-16th, 2023

The 2023 Reunion Banquet Gala is an exclusive education-driven executive retreat for executives and leaders of Citizen Friends of the Catadupa Association and from various industries across the globe. We are expecting over 200 members and leaders, celebrities, and wellness experts to pour into your growth, recovery, and expansion of our Catadupa Community!

This year, we will provide the most relevant content and key networking opportunities in a fabulous setting in Montego Bay and Catadupa, Jamaica

This Event will provide leaders and executives the opportunity to learn to connect, share and engage with one another in an exotic, relaxed, and informal setting. Attendees will leave with new leadership connections, tips, and feedback on how to conquer challenges specific to the CFCA organization and shift in perspective around successes and failures we faced daily.

The goal of this retreat is to pour into the executives and leaders as they pour into their everyday environments, staff, and communities.

We need to revive them!

We want to excite them!

We aim to guide people toward success so they can realize their full potential and opportunities for growth for both their organizations and themselves.

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